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Off-Season Training Part 1: Increase Your Speed

Off-Season Training Part 1: Increase Your Speed

Players and coaches often look forward to the off-season as a chance to rest, and to reflect on the successes and challenges of the previous season. This important downtime is also an excellent opportunity to train, improve skills and enhance overall fitness. The team at Fold-A-Goal is here to support your team in the off-season and would like to offer the following tips for making the most of this time. 

How to Increase Speed During the Off-Season

One of the primary goals of coaches and players during the off-season is making improvements to each player's speed. Soccer players need to be able to have excellent speed off the mark, and also during directional changes and while executing. Fortunately, certain drills can improve a player's speed. One of the most impactful and basic ways to boost speed is by a comprehensive off-season schedule of strength and power training. Gym time is essential and provides the conditioning needed to reduce injuries once the regular season starts anew.

Speed Drills and Training

Speed drills are also important, although these are often some of the least enjoyable exercises for players! A great way to set up speed drills is with a series of small cones and discs. These allow the coach or trainer the chance to create a customized course for drills. The order can be changed to suit the needs of each group, making these tools among the most versatile for off-season training. A speed ladder is another great tool for increasing speed, both in terms of physical and mental agility. A speed ladder is a vinyl ladder that is rolled out on the ground. Players then navigate the spaces created by the ladder in a number of different ways. This is another flexible training tool that can be used to create variations in speed drills, which helps players remain engaged and challenged during off-season training sessions. 

 A speed ladder is a vinyl ladder that is rolled out on the ground. Players then navigate the spaces created by the ladder in a number of different ways.

Push Up Start Drills

A great way to work on both speed and strength at the same time is by implementing push up start drills. Players begin from a push-up position, where they wait for the starting cue. Then, they spring into a standing position, and sprint past a cone set up at a distance of twenty yards, remaining in as low a position as possible while moving toward the cone. Once there, they jog back to the starting position, where the drill is repeated six to eight times. Starting from a complete stop helps players improve their power on their field, and also teaches them how to direct their energy to gain the maximum speed under challenging physical circumstances.

At Fold-A-Goal, we are proud to be the training supplier of choice for so many soccer teams and organizations. We strive to offer a wide range of training tools for coaches and players to choose, and we also offer training tips and advice to assist in the creation of a customized training schedule. We hope that you have a great off-season and that you feel free to contact us with any questions about our products and services.  

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